It is hard to believe that the last time I wrote for this blog was October 2018.  A lot has happened in that time.  Once again, I have had the busiest tutoring year – the vast majority of my new clients have come via word-of-mouth, which is always a good thing.

In September 2018 I started my small group tuition on Saturdays.  After a slow start, the groups soon became popular.  This September there will be a Year 6, a Year 7 and a Year 8 group as well as a GCSE group.  Only this evening, one of the parents of a child about to enter Year 5 has expressed an interest in the September 2020 Y6 group.

Once again, I am offering summer holiday tuition this year.  Other than posting availability on my Facebook page I have not needed to advertise this as existing clients have booked sessions without being prompted and my students from independent schools have returned for tuition during their extensive holidays.  Home educated students have also opted to continue tuition throughout the summer.  I do have a few Friday slots available if anyone else would like to book them.

I am hoping to take on an ‘assistant’ tutor to enable more students to benefit from after school 1-2-1 tuition,  This has become necessary as I am operating at fully booked before the new school year has already started, and I am still receiving plenty of enquiries.  Hopefully, I will be able to advertise some extra weekday slots in September.  Watch this space!

The most rewarding aspect of my work is seeing students gain in confidence and make progress – of course all progress is an achievement but sometimes a student who really struggles has a breakthrough moment and there is nothing more rewarding than that.  Congratulations to all of my students whose teachers have noticed their progress – some have moved up a group in maths, some have made amazing progress with their arithmetic (and are now ready to take on the challenge of ‘reasoning’). others have achieved ‘expected standard’ in their SATs and others have reached ‘greater depth’.  For each of these students I know they have achieved the best they can achieve at this moment in time – however, I also know that they will continue to make further progress and possibly achieve far more than they ever thought possible.  The key is to persevere – then you will prevail!

The next big date in my tutoring calendar is 22nd August – that is the day when my GCSE students will receive their results.  I am confident that each one of my students will achieve the result they deserve.  Maths rewards those who work at it!  Good luck everyone!

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