Some students whose parents feel they need tuition may be able to get a small grant from an appropriate charitable trust in order to fund some or all of their lessons.  I first realised this when one of my students, who had suffered from a serious condition and missed a significant amount of schooling had her lessons paid for by a charity.  Another friend of mine sits on the committee of an educational charity which gives small grants to students from particular villages.

In an attempt to support some of my students I am collecting a list of local charities which have an educational grant available.  Of course, parents will have to apply to these charities to check that funding is available to them.


Palgrave – The Palgrave Welfare Trust

Eye, Horham, Athelington, Bedfield

Hempnall –

Rushall, Dickleburgh, Thelveton – Daphne Buxton Memorial Fund
Pond Cottage
Harleston Road
IP21 4RT

Bressingham – Elizabeth Barker’s Charity
Diana Burroughes T: 01379 688291

Botesdale – Fairstead Trust
Contact: Secretary- Simon Gowen The Walnuts, The Street, Rickinghall, Diss, IP22 1BN Tel: 01379898714, email:

Blo Norton & Kenninghall – John Dyer’s Charity
Contact details

  • Brick End, Thelnetham Road, Blo Norton, Diss, IP22 2JG

Thelnetham – Feoffee Or Town Lands
Contact details

  • Playford Farm, Wattisfield Road, Thelnetham, Diss, IP22 1JE