There are many reasons for investing in private tuition. Here are a few of the benefits of doing so:-


Low student:tutor ratios
If you choose one-to-one tuition, your son or daughter will not have to compete with others in order to receive the attention he or she needs.  Even in a small group they will receive a higher level of individual attention than they do in school.  One-to-one or a small class enables the student to focus better than in a large class.  My Saturday classes have a maximum of 3 students.

Flexibility & feedback
During one-to-one tuition and the Saturday Class, students have the opportunity to ask any questions and ask for help with any area of their study that they feel they need help with.  They receive immediate feedback on their work, enabling them to deepen their understanding of concepts.  Many students ask me to go over work that they didn’t understand in the classroom and leave with an increased understanding after their tuition session.

Time to focus
The beauty of one-to-one tuition is the facility to focus upon a particular area of study.  In a classroom, a teacher needs to work through a topic at the pace of the class and us often under pressure to move on to another topic in order to cover the curriculum objectives/syllabus.  When working one-to-one, a student and tutor can work at the student’s pace and spend extra time focusing on more ‘troubling’ areas.  If this means that an extra session or two needs to be spent working on a particular area, this can be done.   The tutor also has the flexibility to re-visit that area as often as required.

The area that I find has the biggest impact is the student’s confidence.  Many students come to me feeling that they are behind other students in their class, or that they are just not understanding what is taught in lessons at school.  Because a tutor is able to develop a more personal relationship with a student, we are able to see and cultivate the potential within them.  This is all too easy to miss in the classroom, especially if a child is quiet, well-behaved or of average intelligence.  Once a student has confidence in their ability, they are more likely to ‘have a go’ at something they might otherwise have shied away from and, therefore, their rate of progress increases.

Test & Exam readiness
Some students perform well in class but then really struggle with the pressure of tests.  Through private tuition we can help them to acquire better study skills, provide guided test practice and enable them to feel better prepared for exams.

Time Saving
In a world where parents and students have busy schedules, parents don’t always have time to help their children with school work. Also, new teaching methods and strategies can leave parents confused by the techniques that children are being taught in school. Having a private tutor can take the pressure off and parents can spend ‘free time’ making memories with their children.

Increased motivation
A private tutor is really focused on the success of the student and this means that once students have gained some confidence, they are likely to have an increased motivation to perform to the best of their ability.

Open discussion
Sometimes students are reluctant to ask questions in a large class, but working with a private tutor gives them more confidence and the freedom to discuss their work at a deeper level.

Innovative methods
Because tuition is tailored to the student’s needs, we tutors can experiment with new teaching styles that work more effectively for the student.