I have successfully been tutoring online since November 2016. You will require a computer, tablet or phone with internet connection and webcam. Please enquire for more information.

This option is open to both new students and existing ‘face-to-face’ students.

Online tuition takes place via a programme called Zoom. To use Zoom you will need to download it from https://zoom.us/ but it is very quick and is much more stable than Skype. I use a variety of online whiteboards, including Bitpaper, Openboard and Zoom’s own whiteboard. I also use a document camera to demonstrate the use of manipulatives during the lesson. To enable the student to write more easily on the whiteboard, you may wish to use a graphics tablet such as those produced by Wacom or Huion. I am more than happy to give a 15 minute demonstration to parents/students who are thinking about taking up the online option.


During your online tuition session, your screen might look something like this.

What are the advantages of online tuition?
There are many advantages to online tuition. Many people prefer for their son or daughter to work face-to-face with the tutor. For others, online tuition provides an alternative to the traditional model. Below I have listed some of the key reasons that people give for choosing the online option.
Perfect for lockdown, shielding and social distancing!
Online tuition has really come into its own during the Corona Virus crisis. Students can continue with one-to-one or group tuition despite being confined to their homes. Tutors who offered an online option prior to the situation were able to immediately transfer all face-to-face clients online almost seamlessly. Other tutors quickly realised they would have to adapt in order to continue to offer tuition.

No need for you to waste time travelling
Travelling to and from a private tutor and fitting in lessons around other extra-curricular activities can be difficult to cram in. With online tutoring the student will get all the tuition they need from the comfort of their home.

No geographical limits
Perhaps your children live in between each parent’s house or in between the family home and boarding school, with an online tutor you can stick with the same tutor all year round no matter where the student is – all you need is your computer. Of course, your tutor could be just around the corner or hundreds (possibly thousands) of miles away.

Online tuition is interactive and engaging
Students are now very familiar with the online environment, one that is often associated with fun activities. Children with attention deficit disorders often respond well to a person talking to them via a video link as they are less likely to be distracted by other events around them. This leads to more engagement with the subject than found in a traditional classroom.

Suitable for students with immune system disorders
Online, there is no possibility of contracting ‘flu’ and colds from the tutor or other students. This means that students with immune system disorders can confidently attend a tuition session. This is particularly useful for students who may be missing out on attending school, but who feel well enough to study.

Online tuition is particularly convenient for students who are unable to travel to my location for lessons.  All you need to be able to access this form of tuition, is a computer, tablet or phone with a webcam.  Please click here for more details.