I can’t believe that the last time I posted in this blog it was July 2019!  Who could have known what the last 18 months have brought us in terms of tutoring alone.  On top of that we have experienced a global pandemic which has changed the way we work here at Diss Maths Tutor.

Prior to the March 2020 lockdown, Diss Maths Tutor had been experiencing a growth in demand for tuition, to the point that we had become a team of 5 tutors.  As talk began of a potential lockdown, one of my tutors came in to work and asked. “What will you do if schools close and we have to go into a lockdown?”

The answer to her question was easy, and it took less than a second to come up with a reply.

“We’ll just move our service online.”

It was the obvious solution, as online tuition was already part of the service we offered and I was able to offer this option straight away.  Nearly all of our clients took up the offer immediately, while others waited until it was the only option.  Some clients declined and of course, all of the then Y11 GCSE students decided to end their tuition as soon their exams were cancelled, This meant that we lost 50% of our existing clients.

However, a few weeks into the lockdown, we were soon seeing a trickle of enquiries, and more clients than ever before requested summer holiday tuition. However, the biggest influx came once students returned to school and realised that they needed help to catch up with their learning.

As a result of increased demand, we now have an additional two maths tutors and have even taken on a GCSE English tutor.  This means that we can cater for the extra students that may have missed out on a place previously.

Diss Maths Tutor continues to grow and there are many changes coming.  The future is very exciting and we look forward to supporting many more students, helping them to achieve their learning goals in 2021.