In addition to the tuition work I do, I am also keen to network with other tutors.

Tutoring can be an isolated profession, especially for those of us who work independently, rather than working for one of the big agencies.  In September 2016, I discovered an amazing group of tutors who regularly meet online to discuss ‘all things tutoring’.  I now manage the group which consists of tutors from all over the UK

This group inspired me to start up the Norfolk & Suffolk Tutors Network which aims to organise physical meet-ups for local tutors as well as online meet-ups.

There are many benefits to having a tutor network and as well as the camaraderie it provides, we can share ideas and areas of expertise.  Not all of us tutor the same subjects at the same level, and it is helpful to know someone who specialises in a particular area.

As a maths tutor, I am regularly asked if I know someone who tutors English or science subjects; through the network of tutors I now have contact with, I am able to put parents in touch with someone suitable.

If you are a fellow independent tutor working in Norfolk or Suffolk (UK) please do search out the Facebook page and ask to join.  The group is a non-commercial group set up purely for allowing independent private tutors to communicate with each other.  We have monthly on-line meet ups, with in-person meet-ups during school holidays.