Lots of great news has been coming in to Diss Maths Tutor over the past few weeks.

​My 11+ and 13+ entrance exam students have gained places – some with scholarships – to Ipswich School, The Leys School, Thetford Grammar to name just three.  In addition, I have had news of students who have been moved up to higher maths sets and some great news from Y11 mocks.  One student, who was worried about achieving a Grade 5 in her GCSE in the summer, had raised her score to an ‘almost 6’ and another student achieved a Grade 8 in his mocks; with continued hard work he could possibly achieve Grade 9 in the summer.  Other students are improving all the time, and are pleased with their progress – ,many of the Key Stage 2 students have made amazing progress with their arithmetic and we are working hard on honing those reasoning skills.

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